Work Training Center


In 2012, the Work Training Center was looking to replace their outdated phone system at their 9 locations. They wanted to consolidate the administration of the many systems, have better interoffice communication, and better use the phone lines they were paying each month.


After several interviews, Work Training Center chose Gaynor to provide their new telecommunication solution. Gaynor, while working with their Dial tone Vendor (Telepacific) designed a network telecommunication solution. Installing NEC SV8100’s at each of the locations, Gaynor was able to provide a look and feel of one company, rather than 9 individual businesses. Now when one person needs to connect to another, it is simply an internal call.

Gaynor worked with both the IT staff and the local sites to ensure programming was based not only on the needs of the specific site, but also adhered to the protocols, needs and requested of the corporate office.


Work Training Center’s IT staff now has the ability to maintain and service the phones from the main location in Chico, rather than driving out to any of the remote sites. If they are short staffed at one site, another site can simply back up the phone answering for day or for an hour. They have become one site, rather than 9 sites. Each site still has call control and flexibility for phone system functions.

Their willingness to work with our service suppliers and tackle the various implementation problems led to solutions that were done promptly and with good insight to our particular needs. Gaynor’s product knowledge was excellent.
— Patrick MacMillan, Work Training Center