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Chico California is nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills. As part of the Sacramento Valley it boasts rich agriculture and lush farmlands. The city is surrounded by olive, walnut, and fruit groves. It is just a short drive from many local farm stands filled with organic produce. Home of California State University Chico, the school is located in the bustling downtown area. It rose to notoriety in the 1980’s when Playboy Magazine called it the number one party school. Many students walk and bike from nearby neighborhoods. With the far reaching industries and constantly changing demographics, there is a large need for established business phone systems and security solutions.

Considering Chico’s dramatic landscape, it is imperative that companies are able to utilize the latest advancements in digital technologies. With a diversified business environment, from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to the education system, there is a constant need for telecommunications systems which are able to be tailored to the unique client. Keeping the many different communities located in the township and surrounding areas connected can be a challenge. Gaynor Telesystems has built a business that embraces the myriad of diversity and builds connections in a constantly growing and evolving society.  It is just another way that they are enhancing the development of cities, communities, and building sustainable infrastructure.

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  • Business Solutions: Offering multiple technologies dedicated for businesses, they are able to customize their unique services to provide the best resolutions for the many different companies located in the Chico area.
  • School Security: Hosting a large college campus that has long been known for its raucous environment has made managing its location a priority for officials. With the multiple forms of security systems available, Gaynor is able to help protect the multiple education environments located around the expansive community.

  • Farm and Industry Enhancements: With a great deal of business coming from agriculture, Gaynor has created protocols for employees who are constantly on the go and working outside of the home office.

  • Exceptional Customer Support: Having grown their business with a commitment to their customers, they continually impress the people who depend on them to keep their word.

With the contrasting population that covers the delightful Chico area, there is constant need for business and communication support. Amongst tall trees that line the streets, urban housing developments increasing neighborhood connection, and a city dedicated to sustainability, there will continue to be resident growth. Gaynors telesystems will continuously advance to grow and to support the ever evolving needs of their clients.

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