Simple, but scalable phone systems that pack a punch

At Gaynor We Hold The Distinction Of Being The Oldest NEC Dealer In The Country!

Gaynor’s first product line when we opened our doors in 1974 were NEC systems and we have been with them ever since.

We were their first partner when they entered the US market so it goes without saying that we have experience with NEC. All of our technicians are fully certified in NEC products. We partner with NEC because their systems have a proven track record of reliability and stability. NEC has a broad offering of systems and they provide scalable solutions for small to medium sized businesses. NEC systems take into account that your organization will grow, and even in major growth situations it is rare that your initial investment would be wasted or discarded.

NEC has very focused small and medium-sized business solutions, from as small as a four phone system to large enterprise solutions. With their client loyalty programs, NEC regularly offers upgrades and promotions to their existing client base. NEC offers both VOIP and digital phone systems, so we can install NEC as a solution without requiring new infrastructure if your organization is not ready to change infrastructure.

Digital Phones

IP Phones

Mobility Handsets

Unified Communications (UC) Solutions

+ NEW! Univerge® SV9100: Communications Server

NEC has just released the SV9100 communication server. This is truly smart communications for the small and medium sized business. Now you can work together, even though you are apart! The SV9100 is cutting edge technology that combines the traditional/digital world and the features and functions expected in the IP world. Out of the box you get Unified Communications (UC) features such as email notification, mobility, IM and many more.

+ Business Mobility

NEC’s Business Mobility provides a more flexible work environment by delivering on-site wireless telephony through the superior quality of the well-established Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT) technology with all of the benefits of IP technology. Business Mobility extends the reach of your voice communications by using your converged network to offer feature transparency between the wired and wireless world without any compromise in voice quality, availability and security.

+ Call Center Solutions

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) helps you handle high call volume with a minimum number of resources. It reduces caller hold time and distributes call volume evenly among employees. Callers are given the option of either immediately leaving a message for agent callback or holding for an agent. Those who wish to hold will hear announcements that encourage them to remain in the call queue. This provides customers the choice that best fits their needs, reduces lost calls and helps you optimize staffing.

+ Connect to Your Cell Phone or Mobile Device

Mobile Extension gives you access to all of the features of your desktop phone from nearly any external communications device. It enables you to use a mobile phone, home phone or other external device to simulate an extension of your office phone. And customers never know you’re not at the office! One number access lets them reach you wherever you are.

+ Get all of Your Messages in Outlook

Mail solution is an in-skin unified messaging system that delivers abundant message storage, scalable port capacity and all the features you’ve come to expect from NEC, a leader in voice messaging products. This solution, which is designed specifically for SV9000 Series Communications Servers, is aligned with NEC’s UNIVERGE360 approach to unifying business communications by integrating voice, fax and email messages into one inbox while offering reliability, a smaller footprint and lower operating cost than other systems.

+ Connect all of Your Sites Under One Network

Netlink, an integral part of NEC’s UNIVERGE360 approach to unifying business communications, facilitates real communications integration and ensures your business can collaborate effectively. It extends your reach to remote offices and mobile workers while providing increased efficiency and feature transparency – regardless of the primary unit’s physical location. It is compatible with standards-based IP routing and switching and can be implemented on existing networks.

NEC Solution Case Studies


No one knows NEC better than us. Give us a call today and we will help you determine which NEC system works best for your situation.