Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long does installation typically take?

From the moment you place your order the team at Gaynor Telesystems begins to work. Typically we order your new system within 24 hours and can have it installed within a couple weeks. During this time we will be meeting with you to develop the final design and programming. If it is a telephone system we will confirm call flow, day and night greetings and special needs. If it is a camera system we will review camera placements, field of views and recording parameter. For access control we will review the doors covered and the security levels of all staff. Once your system is programmed in our local facility, our team will be onsite for installation and the cutover or turn-up of your new system. While our engineers are working on the installation our customer service staff will provide you with training on how to use the system. We will provide follow-up training in the weeks after the system is implemented as well as system administration training for your IT staff/key personnel. Larger systems can take longer to implement due to the complexity of the programming.

+ How do I know which system I need?

Normally you don’t. Gaynor Telesystems Sales and Sales Engineering team will meet with you to discuss your business challenges, goals and future growth plans. We will evaluate your current infrastructure to determine the readiness of deployment and identify any road blocks. We will work with your IT staff/company at the level you desire to ensure your system will work flawlessly.
Our proposal will have a few options to meet both your technology needs and your budget. We have VoIP telephone and CCTV systems as well as digital and hybrid systems. Hosted and Cloud options will be discussed, again based upon your local internet quality and infrastructure.
The reason to call Gaynor Telesystems is because you don’t know – we are the technology experts here to help you!