School Clock & Bell Systems

Are you ready to install or upgrade your existing clock and bell system?

Students in Class

We are committed to partnering with you to ensure we keep your students and staff safe, informed, on schedule, and on time throughout the day.

Our systems can address your school security needs providing automatic lock down drill notifications and actual lock down announcements, so there is no confusion at crucial times.  Gaynor Telesystems designs systems with both integration to your telephone system and simple red/green LOCKDOWN buttons at the main office and with a desk microphone for announcements.  While we can reuse most existing cables we also have wireless solutions and IP/PoE for schools with outdated cable infrastructure and your new school buildings. 


Is your existing system outdated and in need of repair or replacement?  With our Class Connection solution we have the flexibility to maximize your resources by retrofitting your existing system and re-use cabling, horns, speakers and grills to protect up to 50% of your original investment while upgrading your school to a new solution that is state-of-the-art and meets the security and scheduling needs of today’s schools.  Class Connection has emergency lock down capabilities with the push of a button.  Automated messaging in emergency situations will play (i.e. “this is not a drill, this is a lockdown, secure all classrooms”).  The police can be automatically notified.   Combined with Gaynor’s access control solution you have the ability to lock specified doors automatically. 

Is your current system hard to administer? Do you have to pay for a service call to change and update your bell schedules?  With Class Connection the administration is very simple with drag and drop for bell schedules, built in wav files and the ability to import custom wav files!  Gone are the costly service calls and need for technical support.  The front office staff can easily set up the entire school year calendar as well as drop in minimum days, snow days or special days for assemblies. 

Every school system has different needs. Contact our team today to talk through the best options for your school district.