Eureka Phone & security systems

VoIP Phone System

Built on the edge of the sea, Eureka, California is a historic hamlet that boasts a thriving economy. A rich logging industry contributed to the rapid growth and helped build a beautiful community full of staggering victorian homes. Fishing is still a lucrative enterprise and boats can be seen heading out through the early morning fog to fill their holds.

It is an area that harkens to a bygone era which can be felt when walking down the cobblestone streets of the downtown area. Despite its connection to yesteryear, advancements in technology have been necessary to keep this town from slipping into oblivion. This is why Gaynor Telesystems has extended their services to the coastal township and bring a greater level of communication and security to the bustling area. 

Just a short drive up highway 101 the artistic district of Arcata surrounds Humboldt State University. Hosting delightful bakeries, high-end designer shops, eclectic thrift stores, and a community-wide farmers market, there is a large need for technological advancements to allow the area to lead in their thriving endeavors. 

We provide a high-level service that connects to a myriad of different industries. Building a depth of commitment has allowed us to encourage relationship and trust in the area. With their strong customer service and highly trained technicians, they bring an increased degree of professionalism to the whimsy and beauty of the coastal retreat. 

School Security

with an ever-growing population, there is always a need for schools to maintain safety and protection for every student. With Gaynor’s easy to use systems that enable schools to save money and boost profits, they are encouraging the economy and protecting the bottom line.

Government communication

As the largest town between San Francisco, Ca and Portland, Or there is a need for all of the local communities to utilize the governing services in Eureka. This has allowed Gaynor to build a solid security and phone system throughout the governing buildings that are highly reliable. With their commitment to customer service, Gaynor employees are quick to resolve any issues.

Maintaining connection

When local businesses utilize a large land area with which they do business, it is imperative that employees can communicate seamlessly with the main office. This is part of Gaynor Telesystems solutions that enable businesses to maintain connection despite the location of their employees.

Phone Systems and Security Systems in Eureka

While tourists enjoy the local amenities of this quiet seaport town, Gaynor Telesystems enable the locals to build burgeoning businesses and maintain a high quality of life by connecting them to neighboring industries and the global economy through phone systems, as well as provide them extra safety for their businesses through security systems. It’s one more way that Gaynor strengthens communities and enables more corporations to grow.

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