We want to be your one-stop-shop for total solutions.

Common problems we solve on a daily basis include helping your firm obtain today’s technology at an affordable price. Limited budget? We have flexible payment options and 3rd party lease companies that specialize in technology financing. We also provide high-quality systems that will last you for 10+ years, so you are not faced with purchasing new technology every 3-5 years. Scalable and affordable combined with high quality!

One of the issues we hear quite frequently is the frustration you feel when you have an issue that involves multiple vendors and the finger-pointing that ensues. Gaynor Telesystems is your one-stop-shop that works with your dial tone provider, your IT staff/company and various other vendors to resolve your issues. With our wide array of products, we can serve all your needs to decrease the quantity of vendors you work with.  

Security is on everyone’s mind. Many of our clients come to us worried about the security of their staff, clients, assets, and facility but are not sure where to start. Gaynor Telesystems has expert sales engineers that will design a security plan into your VoIP telephone, cameras and/or door access system that will address the most pressing need for future integration and growth in mind. 



The products we bring to the table will provide solutions for your daily business challenges. Gaynor Telesystems can design and implement a telephone system that integrates with an access control system to let people into your building. We also integrate the access control with our camera systems for added security so you can view the person at the door before you buzz them in. These solutions can be implemented in stages or all at once. There are security solutions built into every one of our products such as 911 alerts, automatic recording of 911 calls, screen pops during an emergency, nuisance call blocking, call recording features along with the ability to track all calls in and out of your firm. Whatever your business challenge, we have an app for that!


It is a competitive world out there and we understand your challenges. You need to run lean and efficient. Let our technology experts help you utilize telecom to its fullest advantages. We have systems with automatic call processing and reporting that provide you critical data on staffing levels and call volume. Are you losing business because callers cannot get to your sales department? Gaynor Telesystems can design a system that will overflow calls from one facility to another during peak times, all transparent to your callers. Intelligent call routing and mobility apps can be designed into your system to ensure key staff are available to your top clients (utilizing caller id) no matter where they are in the world. Decrease staff overhead with automatic intelligent routing and ever miss that important call again! We will analyze your current telephone traffic and recommend dialtone solutions. Very often these dialtone solutions will save you enough money to pay for the monthly lease on a new telephone system.
Access control systems remove the costly expense of re-keying your facility during staff turnover or lost keys. These systems are easily self administered so you don’t even have a service call fee. Have a few areas in your facility that are not for common access and require special keys – get rid of them with access control cards programmed by staff security levels, by time of day and more!


All of our solutions and systems are able to start small and grow. There is built in protection of your investment with today’s technology. You can start with 6 phones or cameras and grow to 100+ easily and affordably with our solutions. Gaynor Telesystems will meet with you to understand your business today and future plans, so that your telephone, camera and access control core systems will be designed to grow with you. No more forklift upgrades!