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Known as the Gateway to the Gold Fields, Marysville, CA was once a bustling township full of adventurers and traveling fortune seekers. Filled with delightful history it is a charming hamlet that sits just north of Sacramento. With the close proximity to the city and Lake Tahoe, there are many who travel through on their way to their vacation destinations. As the years have passed the town has become home to commuters, farmers, and industries. Located in California’s Central Valley, agriculture specialists are able to enjoy the rich soil that sustains the many growing operations. Despite the whimsy of yesteryear, there is a great need for technology resources and Gaynor Telesystems has enabled many of the local enterprises to thrive in a constantly shifting global economy.

As part of the foresight of the local pioneers, a group of women commissioned the building of Ellis Lake over what was once an unsightly swamp. Now housing an enchanting park that hosts many neighboring festivities, it is a testament to the vision of the founders. With such a strong passion for strengthening the economy and boosting the aesthetics of the town, the residents are often looking for new ways to promote their delightful city. With Gaynor’s ability to identify need and conquer challenges, they have managed to find many encouraging solutions to enable increased commerce communications.

  • Business Solutions: with the varied landscape and multiple office functions housed in the area, Gaynor has brought tailored options to meet the needs of each individual company they serve. Scaling their phone systems and offering advanced protocols as needed, they have encouraged many to succeed.
  • School Security: while the city is far away enough to remove a level of crime, Gaynor has worked with the smaller schools to find ideal solutions to their communication needs. Whether it is working with existing cables, updating the PA system, or bringing their technology into the digital age; they are able to assist with the varied needs of the school systems.
  • Encouraging Communication: while many run their businesses from a small office and have a large valley footprint, it has been necessary for Gaynor to brainstorm resolutions which keep employees in direct connection with the home office. Always working with their clients, they continually challenge themselves to build the best formula to fix any situation.

Phone & Security Systems for Marysville

Nestled along the banks of the Feather River, Marysville, CA is still a delightful community that encourages the American spirit. With flags flying around every national holiday and parades crowding their main street, they remind their residents of the patriotic spirit that forged the California wilderness. With Gaynor Telesystems enabling businesses through phone systems and security system solutions to compete locally, and even globally, they have helped create a solution to empower many families to enjoy the historic suburb.

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