Corning Elementary School District


In 2009 Corning Elementary School District was experiencing high levels of theft and vandalism at their Schools. In addition, the graffiti problem was growing and the School District needed a clear and tangible way to be able to identify the vandals who were responsible, and ensure that as word spread, that the incidents would be reduced.


Gaynor Telesystems was hired to install a security system that would allow each school to have video cameras in place. Because no two schools are laid out alike, Gaynor designed a custom solution for each school. The Pelco NVR solution with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras was installed on each campus. With the video cameras in place, each school is able to monitor the school campus 24/7 and download the files to give to law enforcement when needed. The video can be reviewed in real time or after the fact as needed.


As a result of the installation, the school district is now able to catch vandals who did not know they were being watched and the issues have been radically reduced.

The security cameras have all but eliminated graffiti and vandalism at our two current sites and we have caught the vandals who have not realized they were on candid camera. Also, the benefits for students and staff monitoring have been great. Our equipment has been flawless.
— Danny Salado, the Supervisor of Maintenance and Operations