In 2015 the Department of Adult Incarceration  (DIA) identified 3 prisons within California that were experiencing a high level of contraband inside the facilities.  It was determined that a multi-focused approach needed to be taken to stop the drugs, cell phones, and weapons from entering the prisons. As part of that plan, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) issued an RFP for CCTV Video Surveillance Systems for the visitation rooms at all 3 prisons. The camera system was one part of an entire Drug & Contraband Interdiction Project.

 (Due to confidentiality the locations of the sites will not be identified)


Gaynor Telesystems reviewed the RFP and visited the Prisons, meeting with key staff including IT, Wardens, Guards and the Investigative Services Unit (ISU). Gaynor developed a design-build approach that was customized for each prison site to meet the goals of the DAI Interdiction project. Ultimately Gaynor Telesystems was selected as the vendor to deploy a PELCO High Definition IP-CCTV system with approximately 100 cameras per prison visitation areas.  Multi location monitors for viewing and NVR’s for recording were placed strategically across the network. CDCR staff is now able to monitor and record the entire visitation process via wide area PTZ and fixed cameras. Guards digitally zoom in on suspicious activity and successfully prohibit contraband from being passed to prisoners.  Gaynor worked closely with the State IT department and EIS purchasing department to ensure the goals of the DIA Interdiction Project were met. 


CDCR is now able to successfully apprehend visitors attempting to bring contraband into each of the 3 Prisons there by greatly decreasing the drugs and violence within the facilities.  With the PELCO Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) hey now have adequate evidence to ban visitors violating the policy and laws.