Sacramento Phone and Security Systems

phone system in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA boasts of its canopy of trees, friendly neighborhoods, and historic town centers. In the middle of the downtown area, the Capitol building holds court surrounded by manicured lawns and gardens. With the high level of security and phone systems for businesses needed to protect the many government departments, Gaynor Telesystems has extended their location services. 

The beautiful valley has seen a surge of growth over the years as the recession dropped house prices. With many new families settling into neighborhoods and the market recovering, there have been many different businesses seeking user-friendly phone systems and schools looking to upgrade their security systems.

Gaynor Telesystems has expanded their business to answer the call of the multifaceted needs presented by a booming metropolis.

Government Surveillance Systems. With a team of professional technicians, Gaynor Sacramento offers the best in class in regards to security options. They can design a system that stays on budget and instills peace of mind.

  • Business Phone Systems: Experienced in creating seamless communication for multi-site businesses and employees on the go. Gaynor understands the needs of businesses and has a phone solution that can work now and in the future. This foresight allows them to save their customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars.
  • School Security Systems: Many schools have begun to upgrade their old clock and bell systems to a fully integrated communications system that allows for one touch lock down and easy schedule changes. Having perfected their solution for multiple school districts has enabled them to meet all budget needs and offer dedicated results.
  • Small Business Needs: Having begun their company with a focus on start ups, Gaynor is able to offer a full scope of services that can allow for any size company to grow and advance, at a price point that is manageable. 

As Sacramento continues to grow and develop, Gaynor will be right there, with focused solutions for all phone and security system needs. With over 40 years experience they are committed to the growth and development of the communities they support. Creating customizable surveillance and integrated communication, they will advance to help to grow businesses and keep their local area safe.

530 Bercut Drive, Suite X
Sacramento, CA 95811