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Redding, California lays nestled in a valley surrounded by the cascade mountains and active volcanoes. It is a picturesque hamlet with lush trees and the Sacramento river running through the center of town. The many outdoor pursuits bring enthusiasts from around the world to try their hand at fishing or to lounge on a houseboat floating on the lake. Many adventurers try their luck at cresting the summit on the challenging hike up Mt. Shasta. It’s a quiet town full of families, charming businesses, and enticing activities. With so much happening in the quaint borough there is a great need for quality phone systems and high caliber security systems.

Gaynor Telesystems began their company in this tranquil community almost 40 years ago. Their dedication to people, quality service, and excellent products has enabled them to grow their business and hand it down as a family legacy. Local businesses need reliable phone systems in order to stay relative in their field. Committed to cutting edge technology Gaynor has led their local populace in advancing to meet high end standards.

With the wide array of outdoor activities and small town atmosphere, many choose to relocate to the bustling township. With the surge in business and correspondence needs, Gaynor has led the pursuit with high caliber communication systems and superior customer service. Their ability to foresee changes in the industry have allowed them to grow and strengthen partnerships with their clients. This insight is what brought their state of the art security systems to the local area.

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Redding hosts the beautiful Sundial bridge that spans the width of the Sacramento river. The stunning work of art invites a wide cultural group to stand on its translucent panels and feel the sway on a windy day. While some come to enjoy the sites, most prefer to embark on their own adventures on the remote trails and towering mountain peaks. With a group of people that believe in making their own way, pushing the limits, and forging ahead as their clientele, Gaynor Telesystems has had to rise to the occasion and lead the march.

Maintaining a focus on updating school systems, supporting government needs, and enabling businesses to operate at their best; Gaynor offers the very finest to all of their customers. With many needing a communications system that stays in budget, saves time and resources, the creative staff that they employ is constantly brainstorming new ways to care for their customers.

This dedicated business fits well in the Redding community and leads its industry to advance digital technology. While families are out biking on the river trail and thrill seekers are exploring the ruins of local mines Gaynor Telesystems is working hard to keep companies secure with exceptional security systems and communication open with user-friendly phone systems.

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