Hosted solutions offer more flexibility for your communications systems.

If your IT staff is small, or they are bogged down with the maintenance and upkeep of failing networks, you might be ready to join the ever growing number of organizations who are subscribing to full-service VoIP and unified communications solutions. There is no right and wrong for a phone system, because different companies have different needs and situations. Hosted VoIP is getting a lot of press, and here at Gaynor we offer hosted VoIP solutions. Our goal is to work with you to discover your unique situation and help you determine if Hosted VoIP is the right way to go, or if a more traditional solution is right for your business. Here are some of the reasons Hosted VoIP is popular:


You can avoid a capital expenditure for system components and you can even rent the handsets. We offer the flexibility of contract lengths, which are typically 1, 3 or 5 years. The longer the term, the better your monthly rate. With a cloud solution you are realizing an operational expense and have a predictable monthly spend that usually includes all support and warranties. Conversely when you purchase your communications system you have a capital expenditure usually with a 1 year warranty and will incur additional support costs in subsequent years. To understand more about the difference from an accounting perspective please refer to this simple Article.

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IT Resources:

If you have limited IT staff, a cloud solution is great as the provider handles the setup, the maintenance, and the troubleshooting. You know your business and the cloud vendor knows communication. Not having to worry about how the system works and what to do if something goes wrong can be a huge benefit to smaller and medium sized businesses.

Internet Connection:

If you are already paying for a large internet connection or have an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) in place, you may already have the resources needed to implement a Hosted VoIP solution. Many times existing internet connections can be used. If you have a slower connection, this would be a consideration we would take into account.

Multiple-Office Locations:

Hosted VoIP is a great option for clients who have 2 or 3 or even 20 different locations throughout the state or the country. You can have the office to office connection; have local numbers for calling in, local 911 and free or reduced long distance. This gives you opportunities for centralization where you need it, but also decentralization. Basically you have options for how you direct your calls.


If you have several different needs for applications, such as SalesForce Integration, Call Center or mobility, with Hosted VoIP you choose the type of application per person. You have options to have 10 people with mobility and 4 with call center, without the capital purchase of a mobility’s solution or a call center. You control the costs and the functions of each person.

Want to learn More? Contact us for a DEMO today and we can show you the features and why a Hosted VoIP solution is right or wrong for you. If you are not ready for hosted, we at Gaynor can help you choose a more traditional premise system that does meet your needs.